Camping in east Texas

Christina and I ventured east to explore the piney, crow-infested woods of Sabine, Texas. We’ve spent plenty of time in west Texas’ deserts and some friends’ photos convinced me I needed to spend time with the lanky and endless trees on the other side of my state. We had a prime tent spot on the water looking across to Louisiana, spent half a day trying to get to Goober Hill for a pic only to find that there is no sign celebrating such a historic name, and Christina brought sliced beets for a snack.

We also learned that a national forest is not the same as a national park, which was slightly disappointing. No visitor center, no gift shop, minimal signage. A national park’s purpose is for the strict preservation of of the nature, while a national forest seeks to preserve resources but also allows for multi use of the land. We were pretty thrown off when we saw lots of lumber mills and housing on national forest land.

It was a great trip. It always is when it’s just us, our tent, and quiet nature.