Legends skate

This weekend was one for the books! We hung out with OG skaters Brad Bowman, Doug 'Pineapple' Saladino, Olson, and Wally Inouye at the North Houston/Spring skatepark. I got to hear so many stories about the origins of skateboarding that will most likely be lost in time. These guys made the 'sport' into what it is and the energy was stellar! Thank you to everyone that made this event happen. 

Picture from  @nhoustonsk8park

Picture from @nhoustonsk8park

Frontside grinds are difficult.

I had such a great skate today! 4 hours solo skate + pizza later and I was fried. 

Mami got new bearings! My old ones came out gooey and shredded, a condition for which I had no justification. Anyway, baby rips now! 

Visualizing my frontside grind, but avoiding the coping when it comes down to it 

Southern CA inspiration

Here are some handmade typography samples from a recent trip to the San Diego area. I've also included some photos I took to give you somewhat of an idea how insane the plant life is in the area! 


Also I skated Hawk's pool, bye!